Tessera Solar LLC -- Constrained by Noisy Technology?

Tessera Solar LLC -- the company that plans to build two large solar energy projects in Southern California--uses "SunCatcher" technology that has been criticized for its high levels of noise.  Never mind the fact that Tessera Solar's two proposed sites--Calico and Imperial--would kill or displace endangered species and bulldoze cultural landmarks, once the company installs tens of thousands of "SunCatchers,"  it will quickly earn itself a reputation as a noisy neighbor, as well.

Most solar energy companies do not have the same problem that Tessera does, since other forms of concentrating solar are quieter, and photovoltaic panels being the most adaptable since you can put a few on your rooftop.  Tessera Solar LLC invented a technology that is far less pleasant to build next door, which may be why the company prefers to build in the middle of our treasured public lands.

Unfortunately, wildlife too can be disturbed by loud noises.  A study of bird life around natural gas wells in New Mexico found that the noisy operations drove some birds away from surrounding habitat.  We can expect the same effect with Tessera Solar's project sites, since the loud noise levels could disturb and drive away wildlife in the habitat surrounding the site. 

Check out the video below for a sample of the noise that Tessera is bringing to the Mojave Desert.  Each SunCatcher projects sunlight onto the receiver above the dish, which contains a multi-piston engine.  It is this engine that generates the noise.


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