Your tax dollars at work...

Photo by Tammy Heilemann, Office of Communications.
Secretary of Interior Kenneth Salazar and California Governor Jerry Brown stand with executives from German firm Solar Millennium during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Blythe Solar power project.  Even though Solar Millennium's board is under investigation for misappropriation of funds and embezzlement, Mr. Salazar ok'd the project and over 2.1 billion dollars in taxpayer-backed loans and grants for the company.  Initial stages of construction have also destroyed part of a Native American sacred site.

According to the Department of Interior, these massive solar power projects on public land are called the "New Energy Frontier" --seems like just another version of corporate greed, scandal and disrespect for the public's land and money.   Perhaps they are ignoring the real energy frontier-- the untapped potential of rooftop solar, which energy experts assess can meet much of our energy demand in the southwest without sacrificing public land.


  1. Wonder how many of these guys in future photos might be wearing handcuffs and leg irons?

    I can think of two.

    *SIGH* One can always hope and dream.

  2. This is a new read for me. Any idea on how the desert will be affected?


  4. Bluewaterben,
    The 11 square miles of desert contains many microphyl woodlands -- which is mostly desert ironwood trees ranging from 500-1000 years old. The rest of the area is mostly creosote bush scrub habitat, where you can typically find desert tortoise, jackrabbit, and wildflowers. The area will be graded or otherwise mowed, so the ecosystem will be completely destroyed.

    I share your pain. It's sad that our government leaders dont realize how shortsighted Big Solar is. If they put their weight completely behind rooftop solar we'd be creating a lot more jobs at less cost, and with less destruction of our beautiful deserts.


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