Feds Coming Around to Rooftop Solar?

The White House may not have solar panels on the roof yet, but the Department of Energy last week finally approved financing for a plan to install solar panels on industrial warehouses to generate up to 733 megawatts of renewable energy.  The 1.4 billion dollar taxpayer-backed loan is expected to generate one thousand jobs over a four year period. 

More importantly, the money will not be used to destroy pristine public land in America's southwestern deserts.  The Department of Energy has approved other loans for the destructive Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System and the Blythe Solar power projects, which will destroy over 16 square miles of desert habitat and Native American cultural sites.  So, in contrast, the rooftop solar financing seems like a win-win situation.  We can cut down pollution, create truly local jobs (not construction jobs in the middle of the desert), and utilize the untapped potential of rooftops to meet our energy needs.


  1. This is great news.

    I saw this on a local level this weekend while driving a trolley around the city of Huntington Beach.

    In two of the city vehicle parking lots across from City Hall and the Police Headquarters, workers were busily putting solar panels on top of new structures built as shade for the cars to be parked underneath.

    I am sure that I am calling it by the wrong name, but it sure is a great idea that I have read about, this was the first time that I have seen it with my eyes though.

    Maybe with the federal money now available, we may see more of this type of badly needed infrastructure!


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