Cultural Injustice at Blythe Solar Power Project Site

Kevin Emmerich of Basin and Range Watch commented on my previous post on the Blythe Solar power project that, in addition to the environmental damage Solar Millennium will do with its Blythe project, the company will also bulldoze over a thousand important Native American points of significance on the site.  So it is even more unfortunate that the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the site. 

You can read a continuation of this discussion on Chris' Coyote Crossing blog and the Basin and Range Watch site.


  1. I've been told my a reliable rockhound that survey markers have been placed, soon the blades of graders and dozers will be on the land.

    Anyone know of the timetable for the development? I would like to get some rockhounds out there to collect before the fence goes up and the gate is locked.

  2. Don't be too surprised if the site isn't crawling with security and contract biologists right now as you read this. The other day at the Ivanpah site they were already out there and that project hasn't even received final approval as of this time.

    But of course, approval seems to just be a "formality" these days.

    And with the lure of the federal stimulus dollars in the air, blade work will start that much quicker.


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