Sierra Club Launches Wind Works Campaign

The Sierra Club just launched its Wind Works campaign, lobbying on behalf of the American Wind Energy Association to extend subsidies for the wind industry.

Wind Works! *, **, ***, ****, *****, ******
* Wind requires natural gas peaker plants to run in the background, emitting greenhouse gasses.
**Wind facilities will fragment at least 20,000 square miles of our land just to generate 20% of our energy.
***Wind turbines are expected to kill up to a million birds each year, including raptors and migratory birds.
****The wind industry does not accept Sierra Club advice on how to avoid killing wildlife.
*****The wind industry testified before Congress to weaken environmental law.
******Energy efficiency and rooftop solar programs are a better alternative than wind, and can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels without destroying ecologically intact lands.

Crews destroy Joshua Tree woodland habitat to make way for more giant wind turbines in the west Mojave Desert. Photo by Friends of Mojave.
A single wind turbine pad. The turbine will eventually rise to a height of over 400 feet and endanger raptors foraging for food.  Photo by Friends of Mojave

The Pine Tree wind energy project, which has etched wide access roads into ecologically intact habitat near Tehachapi, California. This facility is responsible for at least 8 Golden Eagle deaths, and stands in the path of foraging California Condors.
A bulldozer cuts into the land to make way for a single wind turbine in Oregon.


  1. Incredibly, poticians and Big-Commerce aren't even pretending anymore that they care about the environment. It isn't even business as usual. It's business morphing into something far worse.

    Even the long time traditional Environmental organizations are an animal of a different colour.

    Oh well, more on this later.



    1. If they are a non-profit, shouldn't their books as to where contributions come from be held under a mycroscope ? Who contributes to them ?

      If that fails, then certainly a look at the personal finances of those running the thing may be in order. Of course in this day and age there is so much sophistication with ways of burrying money.

      Still - one wonders!



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