Brilliant Blooms

On my last visit to the Mojave National Preserve,  I came across many of the cacti pictured below sporting brilliant red blooms, which I believe are Mojave mound cactus (welcome corrections on this identification!).  I never tired of admiring each one, which made it difficult to get anywhere in a timely manner.


  1. My ex-girlfriend used to get very angry with me when we would drive through the Mojave National Preserve- let's dig up one of those beautiful cactus's and take it to my house. I would explain this is a national preserve and when that didn't make an impression would mention a $10,000 fine if we were caught.

    We never dug anything up but sure had a few words about why not!

    Thanks for the photo which brought back some memories and allow me to say that she was a wonderful person, and probably was getting in a few "digs" at me when we would pass through the park.

    1. Thanks Bill -- I'm glad you persuaded her to leave the cactus alone! At least she could appreciate the beauty!

  2. Yep that is a Mojave Mound. You might be interested in seeing some picks of other flora that a friend took on our recent trip, if you don't mind the shameless plug.

    1. Thanks JK! Beautiful photos! You guys really knew where to find those blooms!


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