Bighorn Whisperer

People familiar with the desert know that a hike out there is great for the peace and solitude, and hundreds of subtle signs of life -- tracks in the sand, animal burrows, and many plants and wildflowers that offer a quiet companionship.  Maybe a black-tailed jackrabbit or western whiptail lizard will dart out in front of you, but the bigger fauna are more elusive.  The desert tortoise spends most of its life underground in burrows.  Kit foxes and bobcats are usually most active at night.  Bighorn sheep usually stay up in the rugged mountains. 

Fellow desert blogger Morongo Bill recently had the lucky experience to come across a herd of bighorn sheep (I assume Ovis canadensis nelsoni) in the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, and posted some amazing photos over at Morongobill's Backporch blog! Call him the Bighorn Whisperer!

Great photo by Bill of a desert bighorn sheep in the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, California


  1. Hi, 1st time visitor to your blog. Liked your piece on my oldest brother aka MorongoBill. I live in Arkansas and occasionally he surprizes even me. Can't wait to fly out again and go to a casino with him. He's one lucky s.o.b for sure.


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