Name that Bird part Two

I'm posting a couple more photos of the unidentified bird from my previous post to see if it helps anyone in their identification of the species.   One commenter suggested that it perhaps could have been a black-throated gray warbler.  I'm no expert so I could not completely discard this possibility, but the images online for the warbler show more distinct black and white patterns than the bird in my photo, which is mostly gray with the only visible patter being the blue and white streaks by the eyes.   Welcome more comments/ideas.


  1. ooh, just playing with Sibley's iPod version of the book and a black-throated sparrow looks really good--better than the previous guess. "Common in arid desert scrub and sparse shrubby veg..." Maybe?

    Check out pic at

  2. Black-throated Sparrow is my guess also.


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