Fighting for Local Clean Energy

I wrote earlier this week about a misguided approach to clean energy that accepts - and applauds - the unnecessary destruction of our wildlands.  Until we change the system, we will continue to be at the mercy of giant and monopolistic utility companies whose business model involves the destruction of our environment and health.

Well here is an opportunity to change the system.  The Sierra Club's My Generation Campaign in California is stepping up its efforts against utility companies, and you will have an opportunity to join the fight on August 21.  Why?  Because utility companies are lobbying California legislators to prevent the expansion of rooftop solar programs, including a bill that would have brought rooftop solar and jobs to underrepresented communities.  Apparently utility companies want us to obediently pay our electric bills and let them decide where, and how to generate our electricity.  This is a new age, however, and solar allows average folks like you and I to become clean energy generators when we have the right incentives.  Feed-in-tariffs, tax incentives, leasing, and property assessed clean energy are all avenues that can make rooftop solar accessible to all, but utility companies are actively opposing these tools in the halls of our state capitals.

The benefits of this shift are substantial.  Rooftop solar means re-directing our money back into our communities, instead of giving it to utility companies that invest in projects far away from us.  It means saving our wildlands, and clean air.  Rooftop solar also avoids the need for expensive new transmission lines.

The My Generation Campaign in July showed up at the doorstep of Southern California Edison's offices to denounce the utility company's attempts to stymie rooftop solar (see video above).  Now the My Generation Campaign is planning a follow-on protest at the Edison offices in Rosemead (not far from El Monte and West Covina) on August 21.  If you have any questions on how to get involved, email me at and I can direct you to the folks organizing this action.


  1. It's my opinion that the sole reason that industrial wind and solar are being installed at record speed and numbers is to develop the infrastructure to continue building out California and Nevada.


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