Desert Kit Fox Project

I have never seen a kit fox in person, but I almost certain a desert kit fox has seen me.  I have spent enough time in its habitat that they have probably stalked my camp sites.   This species - like many others in the desert - face the threat of climate change, habitat loss to industrial energy development, and urban sprawl.  More recently, kit foxes on the site of NextEra's Genesis Solar power project have died from a canine distemper outbreak possibly caused when the company tried to harass them from their dens.

Luckily some students from Duke University are starting a research project to better understand the kit fox's habitat preference, and how human disturbances, landscape vegetation, and prey species affect the animals.  Chris Clarke held an informative Google Hangout chat with them where they explain the tools they'll be using to advance their research, but they will need your help.

In order to survey more than 200 square miles of kit fox habitat, they'll need to raise another 3,000 dollars or so.  Every contribution helps the team - and the world - better understand this awesome desert denizen.  So visit their crowd-funding site at Indiegogo to chip in a few bucks.  You only have less than three days left to donate!


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