Audubon California Joins Groups Opposing Federal Condor Decision

Audubon California released a statement opposing the Federal decision to allow a wind energy company to kill a California condor.
“Unfortunately, a series of decisions, large and small, over the last several years have brought these turbines to the doorstep of one of America’s most iconic species, and in this process we arrive at a point where the federal agency tasked with protecting the condor says it’s OK to take one, that we have to choose between two good things — renewable energy and wildlife protection.

“We fundamentally reject that choice. Given the continual technological improvements coming online, the American public has every reason to expect that we can develop renewable energy and ensure that condors will not be killed.” - Audubon California
Audubon California joins other groups expressing concern about the decision, including the American Bird Conservancy and Center for Biological Diversity.  Many environmentalists know that there is a difference between energy development that shows disregard for wildlife, and sustainable renewable energy development that can replace fossil fuels without jeopardizing the very ecosystems and wildlife we want to protect.

The wind industry should reconsider its expansion in the Tehachapi Mountains.  If companies need permits to kill California condors, then obviously the mitigation measures they hold up as reassurance to the public are no guarantee for the protection of wildlife.  Instead of risking a critically endangered species, we can invest more in energy efficiency, rooftop solar, or solar on already-disturbed lands.


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