Solar for All

Rooftop solar is already revolutionizing the way we think about energy.  Instead of letting utility companies call the shots, destroy our wildlands, burn fossil fuels, and then send us charge us for this destruction,  local solar installations allow us to invest in our communities, cut carbon emissions, save wildlands, and give us leverage over our utility companies.  This is frightening to utility companies, and they have sought to weaken any policy initiatives that would encourage greater adoption of rooftop solar.

In California, legislators introduced a bill known as "Solar for All" (AB 1990) that would mandate that utility companies buy 190 megawatts of clean energy generated by solar panels in our cities.  The fate of this effort is uncertain, as utility company lobbyists are hitting Sacramento to fight local clean energy.  As Sierra Club My Generation organizer put it in a recent opinion piece in the San Bernardino Sun:
The source of Edison's and other private utilities' opposition is straightforward. As more and more of their customers tap into rooftop solar, private utilities are, for really the first time, being forced to compete for customers. -- Allen Hernandez, Sierra Club.
The "Solar for All" bill is expected to come up for a vote this week,  as noted in today's ReWire piece on KCETIf you live in California, tell your Assemblymember to support the AB 1990 Solar for All bill.  You can find more information on how to contact your Assemblymember at the Sierra Club My Generation action page.


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