Time for a Change

How much has changed since Michael Jackson's Earth Song video was released in the mid-1990s? 

The most sustainable change starts from the grassroots. Not from slogans, mass e-mails, glossy PR campaigns, or Wall Street.


  1. I can go back even further to the 1960s with the book "Silent Spring" and Counter Culture Protesters wanting what they imagined a better world back to Nature life. It really didn't mean a thing. I remember High School buddies saying to me , "Hey we're going up to L.A. to protest, why don't you come too ?" I'd ask what is the protest about and they'd say, Hell we don't care, we just want to call cops "Pigs" and trash the place." I tell them to forget it.

    There were more people interested back then, but now fewer and fewer are really taking anything to heart. And there is far MORE Documentation than had ever existed back then. For most groups, their usual target for recruitment is at College Campuses where they hope to mold young minds and admittedly youth has alot of time on their hands compared to those with conventional daily routine of life. Seriously, people are just plain disconnected to the damage being done and don't realize that everywhere on Earth is interconnected in some way. Once again look at the climate change and degredation. Most don't care.


  2. While doing a walk in a nature preserve the other day, I kept passing and being passed by a father and his young son- I would be taking a picture and then I would catch up as the father would point out a flower or animal track, etc and explain it to his son, trying to pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

    I think that this sort of knowledge transfer is what's lacking nowadays, especially as regards the desert and other wildlands issues. Parents, if you care about wilderness, of course support groups and take part in their defense, but the most important thing you can do in my opinion is to try to share your love and respect for our endangered wilderness and nature, with your children.

    Get the kids involved, after all it is their world too, that is being destroyed.


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