Desert Rain: The Sequel

The Mojave Desert is receiving another round of rain showers tonight, with chances of rain forecast for next week, as well.  Readers of this blog and residents of Southern California will remember the nearly 5 days of rain showers that pounded the desert in late December, setting the stage for a potentially great wildflower season this spring.  Todays rains could improve our chances for a good show. 

Mojave Monkeyflower blooming in late March 2010 in the Mojave National Preserve.


  1. Yup. We're getting rain here near Palm Springs. I can't wait to see more wildflowers this spring! The lupine are already out.

  2. Shaun and Mojave Desert Blog readers,

    Here's a flower viewing and possible solar site visit rolled into one, actually you'll be across the freeway from the Calico solar site area.

    Take I-40 past Newberry Springs and exit Hector RD.On the north side of the freeway and east of the road is the proposed solar site which will be covered with flowers in the spring.

    On the south side is National Trails Hwy or old Rt.66 and the Pisgah lava flows which will be covered with yellow and other colored flowers soon, this I know for sure from my site visit there last year.

    Take your still and video cameras! There will be great photo opportunities there this spring!

    And thanks Shaun for the ID of that lovely flower.

  3. shaun, what is your full name? I need to cite this article MLA style for a college paper


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