Calico Solar Evidentiary Hearing Scheduled for 4 August

The California Energy Commission (CEC) announced that it will hold an evidentiary hearings for the proposed Calicor Solar power project on 4 August beginning at 12 noon.  The hearings may extend into 5 and 6 August, as well.  The hearings will be held in Barstow -- details copied at the bottom of this post below.   You can also find the details at the CEC Calico Solar site here.

As noted in previous posts on the Calico Solar power project, the impact of the project on wildlife in the Mojave Desert will be significant.  The site is home to dozens of desert tortoises, Mojave fringe-toed lizard, and foraging habitat for bighorn sheep. 

Information for the evidentiary hearings:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 12:00 noon, and continuing into the evening hours, if necessary.
and on
Thursday, August 5 and Friday, August 6, 2010, beginning each day at 9 a.m.

Hampton Inn & Suites Barstow
2710 Lenwood Road
Barstow, CA 92311


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