Webcast May Be Available for CDPA 2010 Hearing; No Witnesses Scheduled Yet

According to the website for the Senate's Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, which is conducting a hearing on 20 May to consider Senator Feinstein's proposed California Desert Protection Act of 2010 (CDPA 2010 or S.2921), the Committee currently does not have any witnesses lined up to testify for or against the legislation.   Obviously this could change over the next couple of weeks and I'll keep you posted.

It appears that the Committee regularly provides live webcasts--or at least archived webcasts--of its hearings.  Although this means West Coasters will need to wake up at 6:30AM, it will spare you the flight to DC!    Here is the link for the Committee website and you can find the "live webcast" button on the right side of their page at the bottom of the list of options.

For more information about the California Desert Protection Act--which aims to balance conservation of America's desert wilderness, and streamline renewable energy generation--check out the Campaign for the California Desert website.  The legislation would bring common sense to what is currently a disorganized "gold rush" by developers to bulldoze vast tracts of the desert,  trading the quiet solitude that has inspired generations of Americans for endless miles of industrialization and sprawl.  There is room for solar energy in the desert, and some projects have been correctly placed on land that is of little biological value.  Senator Feinstein's legislation would encourage such choices and push developers and government agencies to adopt a smarter approach to our dwindling desert resources.

Here is the entry in the Committee's calendar regarding plans to conduct a full hearing on the legislation:

FULL COMMITTEE HEARING: to receive testimony on S. 2921, to provide for the conservation, enhanced recreation opportunities, and development of renewable energy in the California Desert Conservation Area, to require the Secretary of the Interior to designate certain offices to serve as Renewable Energy Coordination Offices for coordination of Federal permits for renewable energy projects and transmission lines to integrate renewable energy development, and for other purposes (Hearing Room SD-366).
Thursday, May 20, 2010
09:30 AM
Energy Committee Hearing Room - SD-366


  1. This is a great idea and helps provide transparency to our government process.
    But I wish the backroom brawling and deal-making
    would be shown as well. Now that would be high political theater!

    Shaun, do you know if any of the various state
    hearings, like the CEC proceedings, are ever webcast? I believe I'd be willing to pay a little even for that.

    Regarding your comment that the desert is big enough for some solar(I'm paraphrasing and hopefully fairly), we are in agreement on that.
    Thoughtfully placed plants on used up land, of which there are plenty of acres available, and
    properly vetted and not rushed through like there is no tomorrow, absolutely.

    Keep up the great work, sir!

  2. Thanks Bill...I do believe you can call in to a teleconference for the CEC hearings, although they are not webcast. Perhaps something to suggest to the Public Advisor's office in the CEC.


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