Google Trash in the Victor Valley

Why do the denizens of Victor Valley cities trash their surroundings? I noticed last weekend at the shopping center on Mariposa Road in Victorville with the movie theaters, Michael's crafts, and the Red Robin, and plastic bags and newspapers swirled about the parking lot. The trash clearly was not the result of a singly windy day, but had accumulated over the course of days if not weeks. When did the shopping center and its patrons become so complacent? Sadly, this is the state of the entire Victor Valley. Look around at the empty lots and parking lots when you're going down Bear Valley Road, or Cottonwood Avenue. Look at the plastic bags and other litter blanketing the open desert and wrapping around the Creosote and Sage bushes.

If you're sitting at the computer but cannot remember seeing the trash, open up Google Maps and use the "street view" function. You can probably check out any open desert lot near you, but if you need an example check out 15840 Outer Bear Valley Rd, Victorville CA on streetview.

Do people that live in the mountains allow so much trash to escape them and to build up in their surrounding environment? What is it about the desert that invites people to lose respect for their home?


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