I got these photos of what I am pretty sure is a Western Diamonback rattlesnake while on a hike with my brother in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, deep in the Sonoran Desert. Luckily it heard me coming, and gave me some warning!


  1. Great photos - looks like it to me. They don't always warn. See these in the yard sometimes; while mountain biking, one was resting in the shade...glad I went into a tricky place and had to walk my bike through that time, or I would have been going faster and maybe struck by that diamondback! (at least their venom is not as bad as that of Mojave rattlers, or so I've heard)

  2. When I was about 13 back home in the piney woods of south Georgia, while exploring a section of those woods I heard a loud rattle very close- I froze still, did not move, didn't even move my head to look- and after what seemed like a lifetime the buzzing sound went away, and I came out of my frozen state and lit out for the dirt road.

    I have experienced nothing like that since, and hope to never irritate another rattlesnake in my lifetime. Being about 2 miles via dirt road walking from my house, I would never have survived a bite from what probably was a very large, eastern diamondback.


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