Sunday, March 7, 2010

Any Ornithologists in the House?

So I have some pictures from a past trip to the Bighorn Mountain Wilderness Area and I have been unable to identify with any certainty three birds of which I was able to snap photos.  If you have any guesses as to their identity feel free to post a comment:

Unidentified bird #1 (which I think may be a rock wren)


Unidentified Bird #2 (which I think may be a loggerhead shrike, but I'm not sure):


Unidentified Bird 3 (I have no idea what this could be):

I'm an avid wildlife enthusiast, but I have much to learn, so please feel free to share your insight!

1 comment:

  1. Top is Rock wren, middle not sure--sparrow or loggerhead shrike? (I have to get home to my bird book), bottom is Cactus wren.

    Great photos! Birds are difficult to get.

    Laura Cunningham